Five Selfish (Not Selfish) Reasons To Do A Boudoir Session

Why You Should Do a Boudoir Photo Shoot For You
by Nashville Beauty Photographer Caley Newberry

Girl, I see you over there, thinking how great the women who have done a boudoir photo shoot look, thinking how awesome it must be to have those photos of themselves. Maybe you don’t feel like you’re good enough or pretty enough or small enough to be photographed, or maybe you’re contemplating if a boudoir session is an investment you should make. There are so many reasons to do a beauty session for yourself, and (are you ready for this?) not one of them includes a gift for your guy.

Don’t get me wrong. Your partner will love looking through your images, and I hope it’s something you do often, but he doesn’t need proof that you’ve still “got it” or that you’re beautiful just the way you are. He already knows how amazing you are, and I hope he tells or shows you often. If I had to guess, it’s you — and me and women all over this country — who are the ones who question it.

So, if that rings a bell, here are five selfish but not selfish reasons you should do a boudoir photo shoot.

  1. To Own Your Own Womanhood

    Here’s a question: Have you ever thought that every woman around you had this incredible spark or or beautiful quality that you just lack? Have you ever received a genuine compliment, and your first instinct is to prove it wrong? Do you believe there’s no way you come across as wonderfully as all the women on Instagram and Pinterest? We live in a society that holds women to such a standard of perfection it feels impossible to live up to. Most of the time, though, we’d never talk to someone else or criticize another woman the way we criticize ourselves. This is a way to see yourself the way we — your friends, your family, your partner — see you.

  2. To Celebrate a Milestone.

    I’ve been doing a lot of birthday sessions lately, and I love it! Women that are turning 30, 40, and 52 have been in my studio lately, and they’re coming in to celebrate themselves and the privilege it is to be on this planet another year. Maybe you worked hard for a promotion and achieved it. Maybe you’re on a health journey and want to document several points along the way. Maybe you’re on a journey of acceptance and awakening, or maybe you’re just plain ol’ learning to see yourself in a graceful way. Having your portrait taken is an incredible way to look back at this time in your life and see the reflection of yourself frozen in print.

  3. You’re Struggling or You Feel Stuck.

    Maybe you’re in the midst of a stressful season. You’re feeling defeated or run down. Taking a day for yourself can be a reset to step away and take a deep breath in a safe space. To remind yourself that you’re incredible and beautiful just the way you are. You may still see your insecurities in some of your images, and I encourage you to engage with them rather than quickly flipping to the next photo. Self improvement is an essential part of life, but it all starts with your internal dialog. Beating yourself up on the way to achieving your goals is exhausting, right? So let’s work on ending that cycle.

  4. You’ve Been Through Hell.

    It could be the end of a bad relationship. You may be grieving the loss of a partner or someone you love dearly, and you’re still hurting. Maybe you had to make a painfully hard decision. There’s no denying life will beat you down sometimes and force you to head down a new path you never anticipated. Let’s not for a moment confuse boudoir with a legitimate need for valuable therapy, but I’ve had many clients say their session was therapeutic and that it helped them transition to acceptance.


    Girl, if you want to do a boudoir session, then just do it. You don’t need permission or approval. If this experience is on your bucket list (for some, it’s on their yearly bucket list), then just make it happen. Whether it’s starting a budget category or envelope or just garnering the courage to push the button to get in touch, take the next step. I’ll be here in your corner, cheering you on and tossing confetti.


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