International Women's Day


If your feed hasn't already told you, It's International Women's Day.

On The Today Show the other day, they were doing a segment on women with autoimmune diseases and how to use your diet to help you heal, and Jonathan pointed out that all of these segments always seemed to be marketed towards women.

Putting The Today Show's primary viewership aside, women are also constantly marketed to for health because we've been trained that so much of our value is in our appearance. We worry about women who don't seem to be taking care of themselves way more than men. The shape of our bodies is breathtaking and stunning, but it doesn't define us. We know this, but do we *know* this?

I look forward to the day we can reclaim femininity as something beyond looks. When womanhood and self-love is something we uncover, not something prescribed to us. When the goal of equality isn't for sameness, but rather value that comes from our worldview. When there's a celebration of a female perspective beyond selling to us. When the ability to deeply feel that some of us may carry is a vision of empathy AND power rather than a liability to be tiptoed around.

We've come a long way, we have a long way to go, and I'm glad we're all on this journey together. Use today as an excuse to examine where you find your worth. I hope your internal value overflows into your external essence. I see it, and I hope you do, too.