Frequently Asked Questions


+ Why choose Caley Newberry Boudoir?

There's no shortage of boudoir photographers popping up, and I definitely encourage you to do some research before choosing a studio. There are different levels of experience, talent, and price, and even among the best, there are different styles.

As for why you should choose me, here are a few things to consider:

  • I provide professional hair and makeup for each session, from someone who is trained in making sure you look best for this particular style of shoot.
  • I own my own studio. When scheduling, your photographer won't be having to search through Airbnb and coordinating schedules around that availibility. I've invested in this business with different sets, specifically designed to show you off.
  • I hold your hand every step of the way. I help you with what to wear (or what not to wear), encourage you, and, on the day of your session, pose you down to your fingertips. I'm a full-service studio that truly gives you a luxury experience.
  • Still need some convincing? Join my Facebook group and ask for the thoughts of the women in there.

+ All the women on your website look amazing. I don't look like that.

I've worked with clients of all different sizes, ages and body types. Nobody walks in my studio looking "perfect," and we all have different things we're self-conscious about. The images you see on this website are all of regular women who have gained confidence through professionally-styled hair and makeup and experienced posing. NONE of the photos you see of mine are models. All are clients — everyday women like you. It's totally normal to feel nervous and worry about not being a model, but I promise that your photos will look just as gorgeous as the other women you see.

+ Can I make payments?

Absolutely! I know this is an investment for a lot of us, and I'm happy to work with you on a payment plan. I also partner with Square Capital to go ahead and have your session and pay in monthly installments.

+ I'm single. Can I still do a boudoir session?

Abso-friggin-lutely. Few things make a woman feel better than body positivity, and I think it's so important to embrace your sexuality, whether you're sharing that with someone else or not. I'd love to help you fall even more in love with your body and encounter your sexuality so your relationship with any future partners can flourish.

+ Am I too old for this?

Are you kidding?! These sessions are for women of all ages, and I love when more experienced women set the example of those younger than them, to show them body positivity is important, and we're allowed to be brave and love ourselves at any age. I think we should all have a session done every few years. If you're over 18, you're welcome here.

+ How do you pronounce Boudoir?

You know, technically, I think it's bood-wah, since it's French and all. But I'm from the South, and I'm pronouncing that "r".

+ Do I have to have lots of lingerie?

No way! While I think it's nice to have at least one piece of "real" lingerie, we can find all kinds of flattering outfits that are already in your closet! I'm happy to help guide you through this.

+ Do you supply outfits?

I kind of feel like wearing lingerie someone else has worn is like taking a blacklight to a hotel. It doesn't matter how much it's washed, it's just not something you want to think about.

On a serious note, though, part of the beauty of these sessions is how we make them uniquely you, the woman the receiver of this gift loves. Because of that, I want you to bring your own lingerie that fits and flatters you and perfectly suits your personality and taste.

+ How far out should I book my session?

If you plan on ordering one of the handmade albums, I'd allow eight weeks from your session to the day you want your album to arrive. If you have less time, we can make it work in 3-4 weeks from shoot date to delivery.

If you're just looking for digital photos, we can cover that in 2-3 weeks.

+ Will you share my images?

You're in total control of what happens with your images. I love when my clients sign a model release that allows me to post a few, but I also completely respect if you choose to not sign that. If I'm the only person you want seeing your photos, that's exactly how it will be.

+ Do you WANT to share my images?

I really, really do. While I don't put your more intimate images on my website unless it's password-protected, it's so helpful for me to be able to show some of your photos in my Facebook group, Instagram account, or some intentionally-concealed images for my website. I stand by my principle that these images are private, but when you were booking your session, wasn't it helpful to see photos of other women before you took the plunge?

+ Am I ... like ... naked?

That's all up to you! We can show as much or as little as you want, but we always keep it classy and sophisticated and based completely on your comfort level. You'll tell me in your questionnaire beforehand how you're feeling about how much you'll show, and I'll check in with you throughout your session to make sure you feel comfortable.

+ Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! A girl friend, that is. I'm all for moral support.

+ How much will I spend?

You'll start off with the session fee of $595, and images are purchased separately. Package prices begin at $800 or from an a la carte menu. AND! Referring a friend saves you $100 for each friend!

+ Will you edit out my (fill in insecurities here)?

I consider myself the type of photographer who does light editing and heavy posing and lighting. If you have a belly bulge, I'll pose around it and we won't have to worry about editing it. I generally pose you so strategically that you'll be sore the next day. Then, I run a light skin smoother to help fine tune the natural inconsistencies of just having blood flowing underneath our skin. If I miss something while we're posing, I'll tuck it in, but I want your images to look just like the real you, just glammed up a few notches.

For stretch marks, scars, and birthmarks, the ball is in your court. While I challenge you to embrace the beauty of your body, if you want me to edit those out, I will.

+ Do I have to have my hair and makeup done?

I require you to have my professional makeup artist work with you. Makeup for professional photos (especially boudoir) is much different than makeup you use for everyday life. This also has you sitting in the studio relaxing and being pampered before we begin your session, so it helps calm nerves. Jenna will always work with you on the perfect look, whether you want natural or glam.

+ Do you do couples sessions?

I do not shoot couples boudoir. While I do love those images, shooting one woman is what best aligns with my purpose to give her a transformative, body-positive experience.

+ Should I get a tan?

NO. Cameras really don't like orange, and shooting in awesome light combined with the light skin smoothing I apply in editing will make up for any inconsistencies your skin may have and provide a gorgeous glow no matter what color your skin is.

+ OK, you've convinced me. How do I book my session?

Oh, that's easy. Just click here to book now!