What Women Are Saying


I love telling women about the amazing transformations that happen behind the doors of our studio, but I’ll hand over the mic to some of my incredible past clients and let you hear what they have to say.

This wasn’t for a husband or fiance. I did it solely for me, and I got more out of the experience than I ever thought possible. It was a confidence booster for sure, but more than that, it was empowering to take that control of my body and feel sexy and powerful.
— Heather H.
“I’m so glad I did this session. I went into this for my husband, but I got just as much out of it. It reminded me that there’s more to me than my work or being a busy mom. I actually felt sexy and proud of myself.”
— Kim W.

I would say Caley helped me so much and shared such a wonderful gift of finding my self confidence. I loved how she stays so close throughout the whole process from start to finish! Her work is outstanding and the woman she helps you find is such a great product of her talent! I love how she is using her skills to serve women!
— Brooke G.
I had such a wonderful experience from the very first meeting with Caley. I loved her outlook and mission behind boudoir sessions and felt great every step of the way. The session itself was tasteful, comfortable and empowering. I was so happy with my photos that it was nearly impossible to make the final selections. Highest recommendations of Caley!
— Whitney B.