You Deserve Wall Space

gallery-snapshot (2).png

“Oh, I can’t do wall art. We have kids.”

“We have people come over all the time, and I don’t want them to see.”

“My in-laws stay in our bedroom when they’re in town.”

I get it, we can find 437 excuses to not put wall art of your boudoir photo shoot in your home. If I’m honest, I didn’t even offer it when I first started doing boudoir photography because I felt these images were best kept discreet, tucked away from the rest of the world, for only you and a partner, if you have one, to see.

I hate that.

You know WHY I felt that way? Because I couldn’t see myself hanging wall art in my home of myself. Not because I didn’t love my boudoir experience, but because of one nasty word:


We’re worried how it will look or make you feel if someone sees them. That you have images of just YOU hanging in your home. How embarrassing, right? Despite having had this empowering boudoir photo shoot, we still think our images must be kept private. But the whole reason I offer boudoir photography is because I believe that women deserve to be seen. And so we can take back the joy we should have in our bodies.

Now, I’m not saying to go post nakey photos everywhere you can think of. Maybe don’t put wall art in your living room of your bare booty. I get that privacy and concern for others’ comfort is a thing. But at every boudoir session, someone has an image that they could look at and love every single day. A photo of yourself that you absolutely love, that makes you feel great about yourself. Believe it or not, not every photo from every session shows off your scantily clad body. I draw most of my inspiration from fashion, and I show, get this, your face a lot more than anything else.


Hear me out.

The beautiful family photos or wedding photos you have hanging in your home remind you of the people you care most about and the relationship you share. What about the relationship you have with yourself? What about how your partner or future partner feels when they see you, at a time when you were bold enough to love yourself well, smiling back at them? Remember when we were young and we used to put Post-It notes on our window to remind us that we’re beautiful and loved? This is the grown-up version of that.

Where would I put it?

Here’s the fun part! When you come in for your ordering session, I’ll ask you to take a photo of a place in your home that you might, maybe, probably-not-but-I’ll-give-it-a-shot consider putting wall art. I’ll use my handy dandy software to insert the photo(s) that you love into it, and you’ll get a great visual for how you feel about wall art and what size of image you should choose.

Great places to consider are your master bedroom, bathroom, master closet, or the place I call the “pee closet” (if you have one, you know). Bring a photo of all of them, and we’ll play!

I’m not advocating that you make your home a gallery of your boudoir images, but, if you do, send pictures! But why invest in this experience if you’re embarrassed to show the results? And man, the kids thing? How empowering will it be to your daughter when she sees how incredible and confident her mom is in her own skin? Let your husband see you. Let your kids see you. Let YOU see you.