Am I The Only One With Butt Pimples?

I could make this the shortest blog post ever, and just say "Nope." 

But I'm long-winded and can't just leave it at that. :) I post booty shots a lot in my Boudoir Facebook Group, and I've had more than one person say "I could never do a boudoir shoot because I don't have the perfect butt that all these women have." 

Guys, my goal in doing these sessions is to show the best you without changing you. That means we do some intense posing (most women say they're sore the next day), and I use great light which also goes a long way. Then, I get to edit. I'm not going to shave 15 pounds off of you while editing — though I promise the posing can do that — but I do smooth your skin and get rid of any "imperfections" that are temporary. I've been happy to learn that I'm not the only woman that regularly has surprise bruises on her legs. I get rid of those. The zit that popped up because you're stressed out at work? I got you. The mole on your stomach that makes it perfectly recognizable to your husband or fiance? Staying. Butt pimples? They're easily gone with the light skin smoother I run on every image. 

In short, I don't change anything about it. I just teach you how the camera and eye best sees you, you trust me with your beautiful figure, we both let Photoshop do a tiny bit of smoothing and perfecting, and voila! Your butt looks every bit as pretty as this one.