What Kelsey Had to Say About Her Boudoir Session

The Results of a Boudoir Shoot
Boudoir Photographer Caley Newberry

I recently did a session with Kelsey, who self described as a "butterflies and rainbows" kind of person. Her soft-spoken voice, petite stature and sweet spirit make her the personification of cute. But these sessions are about more than making us feel cute, so I thought I'd let you hear from Kelsey herself a couple of months after her session. 

"My session has definitely increased my confidence! I always thought I had a pretty face, but that's where it ended. My session made me feel less like that cute little girl and into a beautiful and sexy woman. While I still have bad days in what I think of my body, I feel like now I have good days too, and that's been so important. 

"As women, I feel like society is always telling us that we are not good enough, pretty enough, sexy enough. We're too tall or too short or too heavy or too thin. We're either too sexy or not sexy enough. Too beautiful, even, or not. The list goes on and on But, this session allowed me to feel like I was enough in a world that has never made me feel that way. And that is super empowering."

Kelsey did her session leading up to her wedding as a gift for her husband on their wedding day. When I was emailing with her a few months later, she went on to say, "[Husband] and I have talked about that, when you have more confidence in yourself, it directly affects your relationship and can create a stronger relationship/marriage. My session has definitely built that confidence and helped us create a stronger relationship as we entered into our marriage."

Thanks so much for sharing, Kelsey! 

If you have any questions for Kelsey about her boudoir photos, you can ask her in our Facebook group! Naturally, I'm there to answer any questions, too. :)