New Orleans Boudoir Sessions July 12-15!

I’m a full-time boudoir photographer in Nashville with a dedicated studio space, but I love taking advantage of the opportunity to shoot somewhere completely new and meeting women from all over while I’m traveling. What better place to get a creative refresh that than New Orleans?!

I’ll be accepting up to four boudoir photo shoots while I’m in New Orleans! These will be full-service sessions that include hair and makeup, false eyelashes, my full advice on tips to prepare for your session, creative fee, and your image reveal! You can browse this website a bit for more information, or get in touch at the button below!


The Experience

Leading up to your session, I’ll give you as much help as you need planning. I’ve been doing this a while, so I’ll send you guides for what to wear, what type of lingerie would flatter your body shape the best, and even some tips on the best ways to take care of you and your skin leading up to your session.

On the day of your shoot, we’ll meet at the location (you’ll receive the address once your session is booked) I’ve chosen, and we’ll sip some champagne while the makeup artist gets to work.

Once you’re feeling relaxed and fabulously confident with your hair and makeup, we’ll get started with your boudoir shoot! I’ve been doing this for years, and I’m an expert at all things posing. Feeling bloated or fluffy or worried about that cellulite? We don’t edit that out — we use fantastic poses that don’t change anything about who you are. We just show you the best version of who you already are. We’ll shoot three outfits for 60-90 minutes, and when you’re all done, you can hold some albums in person to decide what would feel best for you. You’ll have between then and your ordering session to decide which one will be yours.

Two weeks after your session, we’ll have a Google Hangout. Grab a glass of wine and your computer, and I’ll show you an amazing slideshow of your photos! Then, we’ll go through them together, and you’ll choose which photos you’d like to purchase. We’ll design your album, and I’ll ship it to you when it comes in! Isn’t the Internet great?



The boudoir session itself includes makeup with false lashes, three outfit changes with 60-90 minutes of posing and photographing time, location, planning assistance, detailed editing, and your image reveal. The session fee is $695, and products are purchased separately. The average Caley Newberry Boudoir client spends $2200, but it’s possible to spent more and less.

Only four sessions are available, so get in touch today!


“I had such a wonderful experience from the first meeting with Caley. I loved her outlook and mission behind boudoir sessions and felt great every step of the way. The session itself was tasteful, comfortable, and empowering. I felt confident and lovely, and the results reflected that. I was so happy with my photos, and it was nearly impossible to make the final selections! Highest recommendations of Caley!” -Whitney


“I’m so glad I did this session! I went into this for my husband, but I got just as much or more out of it. If reminded me that there’s more to me than my work or being a busy mom. I actually felt sexy and so proud of myself!”